1) An Alliance is declared between
  • The Federazione Italiana di Scherma Antica e Storica (FISAS, Italy)
  • Die Freifechter - Gesellschaft für Historische Fechtkunst e.V. (“Die Freifechter“, Germany)
  • The British Federation of Historical Swordplay (BFHS, UK)
  • The School of European Swordsmanship, Helsinki (SESH, Finland)
  • The Ecole Nationale Boxe Francaise (ENBF, Italy)
  • The Asociacion Espaola Escrima Antigua (AEEA, Spain).
2) Wherever possible, the Alliance is formed between national federations: individual groups are accepted only in the absence of a relevant national-level association.

3) Non-member groups that share the EHFA aims are invited to apply for membership to the Committee. Membership will be granted to those groups that meet the approval of the Committee on the following grounds: that they truly share the goals of the EHFA, and that they meet the required minimum standards in research and instruction.

4) A Committee shall be formed of two delegates from each national member organisation. If there is no national organisation but only a single member group  from one country this group is considered as representative for that country and nominates two delegates.

In the event of a second group from that country joining the EHFA the two groups are strongly encouraged to form a national organization. They must in any case organize their representation at the EHFA so that the two delegates represent the interests of both groups.

5) All EHFA business shall be conducted by the Committee.

6) Motions for discussion by the committee must be submitted to the Committee Secretary at least six weeks in advance of the Annual General Meeting (see Events, section 5). Motions receiving a tied vote shall not pass.

7) There is no designated President, but a spokesperson may be elected by the committee if necessary, for a term to be set by the committee. Choice of delegates is a matter for the national-level organisations.

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